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Cathy Brown

Semi permanent make up, Microblading, eyebrow tattooing, practitioner covering Leamington Spa, Warwick, Rugby and Warwickshire

Cathy Brown SPMU

Considered to be the window to our soul, our eyes for many are one of our best assets,  whatever that shape or colour , with careful pigment placement even the smallest eye can be made to look bigger,

Eyelash enhancement gives a really soft yet stunning result,  pigment in placed in the lash line, in between all the rows of lashes.  The thin line of residue that is sometimes left in the lashes after a tint or when you wipe off your makeup is similar to that of a lash enhancement /lash liner.

This give a very natural result, just making the lashes look thicker and eyes not so bare without makeup.


basic eyeliner is a lash enhancement  and  pigment placed up to 2mm above lashes, with or without a small eyelifting flick.  This is the most popular choice, as it gives a great result for a low maintenance daytime look, great with a lash of mascara, this look that can be added to with conventional makeup if needed  

Shaded colour eyeliner ( choice of colour), Intense liner latino (Bold above lash line) French Liner (reflective pearl line above eyeliner), are more of a fashion statement and can look dated as trends change. Soft understated, or bold and dramatic the choice is yours.

A reconstructive lash procedure will give a client with alopecia more depth to the contour of her eyes,  we start with a dark lash enhancement and build up the area with diagonal shading creating the illusion of lashes

Eyeliner tattooing available from Semi permanent make up Warwickshire

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