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Cathy Brown SPMU

Eyebrows frame our face and determine our expression  A carefully designed brow will not only compliment facial features but can give a lifting anti ageing effect

Treatments for the brow range from filling in a scar, lengthening the tail of the brow or building up the bulb of the brow, to a full eyebrow design and reconstruction.  A soft pencil or powder look or natural hair stroke technique is available. In many cases i use a combination of hairstrokes and powdering to give a textured yet defined result.

Brows can be recreated for clients with alopecia or receiving chemotherapy. Brows are drawn on and carefully positioned to suit face shape and colour selected to compliment skin tone and hair colouring.  I appreciate that a lot of thought and research has gone into selecting your technician, after all you will be showcasing their work for a long time, i do believe that each brow and client is individual, everyone holds pigment colour differently, we carry out a top up 6 – 8 weeks after the initial procedure and you can always go darker or thicker at this stage- once you have got used to your new brows.

After suffering from Alopecia since my early teens having my eyebrows tattooed on was always something I considered but I didn't have the courage to go through with it. Eventually after years of pencil and smudges I plucked up the courage and went ahead and I needn't have worried as the results were simply amazing! Approximately 2 years later they needed doing again and which is when I went to see Cathy.

Cathy is a very talented lady who puts you at ease in lovely surroundings. My eyebrows now get comments about how great they look and because of the individual hair strokes that she takes so much time over, they actually look like real hair! Being an Alopecia sufferer I also have no eyelashes and again Cathy came to the rescue and created lash strokes on my top lid and added eyeliner to my top and bottom lid too. I did originally think - 'A needle near my eyes - What are you thinking!' but needn't have worried as the results are fantastic and it didn't hurt at all. The only thing I did experience when Cathy was doing my eye liner was an itchy nose and the feeling that I was going to sneeze. Having my eyebrows and eyelashes tattooed on has given me my confidence back. I don't mind taking the children swimming now whereas I was always paranoid before that people were staring at me as I felt I had bits of my face missing!

After such a confidence building experience I had with Cathy I took the plunge to have what is called a 'Lip Blush'. This is where your lip shape is defined and then the colour is blended in and you end up after the healing process with a lovely plump youthful look. This procedure again didn't hurt it was just a bit un-comfortable on the sweetheart section of the top lip but nothing too bad. Again I cannot express how much care and attention to detail Cathy took on doing what ended up being all of my face, After all I did place 'my face in her hands!' - and the results? - Well, I couldn't be happier !

If you are thinking of having any Semi Permanent makeup procedures I cannot recommend Cathy highly enough, she is a very caring person who puts you at ease and most of all will make you look great! When I drag myself out of bed and take the dog for a walk I no longer have to wait for the rain to stop or spend ages putting on makeup to try and give myself some confidence as Cathy has done that all for me and I can't thank her enough.

Lucy Marston

Eyebrow tattooing available from Semi permanent make up Warwickshire

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